Off Road Tyres

Developed to meet FIM rules the multi terrain HE40 benefits from a robust structural design giving exceptional puncture resistance.
The rubber compound and tread pattern offer outstanding performance in all conditions, whether hard or soft, sand or mud, dry or wet. The Rinaldi HE40, true innovation.
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The SR39 is designed to guarantee excelent traction and cornering grip without effecting the bikes ergonomics or the durability of the tyre. The pattern and compound give excellent performance in intermediate terrain but the SR39 has great prowess on hard pack and sand making it an excellent all rounder.
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Rinaldi’s legendary RW33 is championed for it’s outstanding performance in soft conditions. With the benefit of excellent cornering grip and stability the RW33 gives confidence in the most challenging terrains.
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The SH31 is designed with junior riders and their bikes in mind. Dedicated for small wheel 80/85cc the SH31 has a tall narrow footprint and digs deep into the dirt without trading engine performance for drag. Creates a precise, nimble, quick turning combination. Great traction and wear.
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The RMX35 has a bold tread design maximising straight line acceleration and precise feel under braking. The RMX35 offers excellent longevity and grip due to it’s design and compound in hard pack conditions. The smaller dedicated “mini-bike” and smaller sizes use the same bold tread pattern but are constructed from a compound that suits a much wider selection of terrain providing a great all round tyre.
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Rinaldi inner tubes are manufactured to the highest standard and use only quality materials in their construction. Available in a wide range of sizes. The Rinaldi RR34CX series tubes are the ultimate in competition grade inner tubes. With class leading impact resistance and manufactured to meet the needs of professional teams and riders the RR is now available from your dealer.
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